Workshops and Technical Assistance

Training, Coaching, Large and Small Group Professional Development

Starting and Expanding Your Human Network

The strategy group staff and key partners collaborate in delivering a highly engaging training on organizational and community networks. Webinar or On-Site Training and Coaching

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Networks as a Strategy to Advance Foundation Priorities

The workshop is designed for foundation board members, leadership and program staff to better understand what intentional community change networks are, their unique features, their purposes, and how foundations can use this approach to more effectively advance their strategic priorities.

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Who is In (and Out) of Our Network? Mapping Your Network

TSG staff and key partners collaborate in delivering a highly engaging and eye-opening training on mapping your known organizational or community network. Be ready for hands-on learning and team-based work in this session. Participants receive a discount on network mapping software and manuals on mapping your network. Workshop is offered in partnership with the Network Weaver Consultants Network and led by June Holley, one of the nation's foremost leaders on Network Weaving, author of the Network Weaver's Handbook available through Amazon Books (See link below).

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Creating Innovation Centers: Self-Organized Workgroups

TSG staff and key partners collaborate in delivering a highly engaging training on strategies to stimulate innovation in communities using self-organized work groups. Communities, collaboratives and coalitions often find themselves struggling to create different ways of doing things; stuck in an endless cycle of talking, rehashing, revisiting, and talking more without ever getting to action. Innovation centers, built on the concept of self-organized work groups have been highly effective in other community settings.

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Leading in Non-Hierarchical Settings or Community Networks

TSG staff and key partners collaborate in delivering a paradigm shifting training on new models of leadership. Leading non-hierarchical (we are all equals here) projects or community networks demands a different model of leadership. We've learned a lot about evolving mature leaders and supporting emerging leaders. Learn about the four roles network leaders perform, how experienced, veteran leaders can adapt their leadership style to be more effective in non-hierarchical efforts and how emerging leaders can be effectively supported to insure that the next generation of leaders have experience leading community initiatives and a sound sense of network values.

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Other Network Trainings and Supports

TSG staff and key partners have years of experience supporting the emergence and growth of networks. Additional learning experiences, workshops, coaching, and trainings are available and can be customized to meet your needs.

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