Leading in Non-Hierarchical Settings or Community Networks

Leading in Organizational or Community Networks

Leadership is deeply embedded in our culture! It looks a certain way when leaders lead and followers follow. Unfortunately, traditional models of leadership (hierarchy, top-down power structures) just doesn't work well in community-led social impact networks --- not if you are seeking change and innovation. New models of leadership exist and have been very effective in non-hierarchical settings, distributed leadership efforts, and community networks.

Webinar: 90 minutes with Q&A and Virtual Breakout Sessions

On-site: Customization to your team's needs. Typical on-site sessions are one or two days.

  • How is network leadership defined and what is different from traditional leadership approaches?
  • Is this another form of distributed leadership? 
  • How are emerging leaders identified and supported?
  • What roles do network leaders need to play to best support the network?
  • In what ways do experienced or senior leader roles change when leading in a network?
  • Does TSG provide leadership coaching and support to help both senior and emerging leaders adapt and adopt new leadership behaviors? (Yes, Ask us about our coaching and mentoring supports).

For more information contact Bill at wmoore@thestrategygrp.org.