William Moore, Ph. D.


Dr. William Moore is the Principal and Founder of The Strategy Group. He is a research psychologist and leads a consulting team supporting communities, philanthropy, and organizations. Bill also serves as a Senior Associate at the Texas Health Institute, Senior Fellow at the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Vice-President at Youth Development Strategies, Inc. Bill is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the Association of Consultants to Nonprofits. Bill has the distinction of serving as the first Project Director of the U.S. Department of Education’s Civic Engagement Technical Assistance Center in Washington DC. He formerly served as the Vice-President of Programs and Evaluation at the REACH Healthcare Foundation in Kansas City and as a Senior Research Associate at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. View Bill's LinkedIn Profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/moorewp/

Bill's LinkedIn Profile

Krystal Grimes, M.S., LPC

Senior Affiliated Consultant for DEIB Initiatives, Network Operations, and Community Engagement

Krystal Grimes, M.S., LPC is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group and is the Chief Strategist and Founder of AMMA Empowerment Services, LLC and the HEAL Alliance. Krystal is recognized regionally and internationally as a safe space creator and mental health strategist. Through an intrinsic ability and desire to support others, Krystal has positioned herself as a convener and facilitator for healing and diversity initiatives, supporting the creation of inclusive and brave spaces for dialogue and innovation.

David A. Smith, MA, CFRE

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Board Development and President, The David Group, LLC

David Smith is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. A former Club kid himself, Smith was hired in 1994 as President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City and led the organization for nearly 25 years through tremendous growth. David provides board development training and support for new and experienced board members and organization's seeking to strengthen their board's capacity.

Priscilla Ruiz

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Leadership Development and Network Weaving

Pricilla Ruiz is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. Priscilla is a high energy, socially minded professional, who seeks to serve historically marginalized communities through positive advocacy and program development. Her skills include: Bilingual - Spanish; Exceptional interpersonal & communications skills; Public Speaking; Grant Writing; Life Coach/Mentor; Network Weaver; Leadership skills including: active listening, motivation, strategic planning, conflict resolution, cultural competence. Priscilla serves as a member of the Bastrop Independent School District Board of Directors and is the Network Leadership Coach for the Central Texas Health and Wellbeing Network.

Jennifer Alexander

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Organizational Development

Jennifer Alexander is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group and is the founder of Optimize Passion LLC, a boutique management consultancy that provides capacity building and support services to small businesses and growing nonprofit organizations. Jennifer also serves as the part-time Executive Director of Fountain of Life (a nonprofit serving immigrant Asian immigrant/refugee senior community in GKC). Jennifer specializes in building the governance, administrative, fund development, and marketing capacities of nonprofit organizations transitioning from start-up to growth. She particularly enjoys working with passionate founders and inaugural board members who are navigating the nonprofit sector for the very first time. Jennifer obtained a Master of Public Administration in Nonprofit Management in 2015 and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2011 from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professional and holds a Certificate in Fundraising from the Midwest Center for Nonprofit Leadership.

Optimize Passion, LLC

Amanda Krenos

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Graphic Design

Amanda Krenos is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. She is an award-winning creative professional with more than twelve years of experience turning ideas and concepts into eye-catching visuals. In addition to her work with The Strategy Group, Amanda spends her time on personal art and freelance projects, and previously served as the graphic designer at Kansas City PBS. During her time there, she was responsible for developing art direction for campaigns and projects as well as creating art and design for broadcast, video, print, social media, web, email, and large-format applications. Her work supported efforts that included sales, marketing, fundraising, and production. Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree in art at The Pennsylvania State University before coming to Kansas City.

Michelle Gambone, Ph. D.

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Youth Initiatives and President, Youth Development Strategies, Inc.

Dr. Michelle Gambone is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. Michelle is the President of Youth Development Strategies, Inc. (YDSI) and received her Doctorate in Sociology from Princeton University. She has served as the principal investigator on many complex community-based initiatives involving a broad range of organizations/stakeholders (e.g., youth organizations, churches, health providers, schools, neighborhood councils, local and federal government agencies, foundations, etc.). Previously, her work was focused on working with community councils to create strategic plans to guide implementation and evaluation of community wide changes to policies, funding and activities to better support their youth.

Youth Development Strategies, Inc.

Adena Klem, Ph. D.

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Evaluation and Founder, Klem Consulting

Dr. Adena Klem is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group and Founder of Klem Consulting with 25 years of experience leading theory of change-based evaluations and planning sessions. A social psychologist by training, Adena has overseen complex, multi-site evaluations and data collection efforts in rural and urban communities. She has worked with state departments of education, institutes of higher education, foundations, non-profit organizations, K-12 schools, early childhood education providers, families, and community members as they embark on the process of implementing meaningful change within and across systems and communities. Throughout her work, Adena uses participatory change-making approaches that take into account the complexity of real-world problems and the value that diverse lived experiences bring to the solutions of those problems. She is passionate about providing children – particularly those growing up in historically underserved communities – with high-quality opportunities to learn and excel. Adena is also committed to being a liaison who can bridge the divide between research-based best practices and the communities, organizations, and foundations working to improve the lives of children and their families. View Adena’s linked in profile on www.linkedin.com/in/amklem.

LinkedIn Profile

Jamie Lee Manning

Senior Affiliated Consultant

Jamie is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group and serves as the Public Initiatives Program Director at the Fayette Community Foundation. She is a senior non-profit leader with a proven track record of developing and building mission-driven organizations. Jamie is a creative, dynamic manager, trainer and developer of diverse staff. She is experienced at developing, managing and directing results driven nonprofits and has a wealth of experience in partnership building, staff management, program design, and change management. Jamie has strong conceptual, analytical, planning and communication skills. Jamie earned her B.A. in Community Planning and Non-Profit Management from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, College of Public and Community Service.

Cheri Hatcher

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Adult Education and Equity

Cheri Hatcher is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. Cheri is a doctoral student in the Adult, Professional, and Community Education program at Texas State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and a Master of Arts in education, with a graduate certificate in adult education. She made a career pivot in 2019, returning to education to pursue a Ph.D., but previously worked in the academic publishing industry for nearly 20 years. Working in the health sciences space, she worked closely with nurse educators in a consultative capacity around curriculum design, implementation, and execution of digital classroom assets such as computer-aided assessment and virtual clinical simulations. As a qualitative researcher, Cheri is interested in gender equity issues and, more broadly, promoting equity across marginalized populations. She is most interested in exploring topics of gendered knowledge production, social justice, and the vulnerabilities among marginalized populations centered around adult learning frameworks. She is committed to collaborative research, writing, and capacity building, exploring the material and cultural infrastructures shaping our collective experiences and perceptions.

Annalisa Gramlich, MS, MA, LPC, RYT-200

Senior Affiliated Consultant for Higher Education Initiatives

Annalisa Gramlich is a Senior Affiliated Consultant with The Strategy Group. and serves as the Director of Assessment and Accreditation at Rockhurst University. Annalisa is an education research psychologist, licensed professional counselor, and certified yoga teacher. She has Master’s degrees in Education Research and Psychology and Counseling Psychology. Annalisa has a wealth of experience in various industries and disciplines including leadership studies, education research and psychology, market research, and independent consulting. She specializes in helping others find the answers that they are looking for through thoughtful collaboration. Annalisa is a key partner with The Strategy Group