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The Strategy Group is a small team of passionate and deeply committed professionals driven toward a vision of social, economic, educational and health equity; improving the life conditions of our fellow humans; and supporting organizations like foundations, organizations, schools and nonprofits to achieve their potential as agents of social good.

We believe in the power of a compelling mission woven with the passion of individuals and organizations to bring about lasting change in our most vulnerable communities. It's our experience that mission with passion can lead to remarkable innovations; all communities have the power to bring about change. But, communities often need support and an approach or strategy to ensure that the needed conditions and capacities are in place to birth and sustain a new way of relating, living, working, educating, and caring for others in community.

In collaboration with our national partners like the Network Weaver Consultants Network, Youth Development Strategies, Inc., AMMA Services and HEAL Alliance, Optimize Passion LLC, Breakwater Light LLC, and Indigo Innovation Group, we seek new ways to engage and support community, particularly the most vulnerable, to create a stronger, strategic and human-centered approach to community change.

We would be honored to support you on your journey to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and make our communities places we all can call home!