Starting and Expanding Your Human Network

Getting (and Keeping) Community at the Table

  • Introduction to Network Weaving – Key Concepts
  • What is a network and how is it different than a collaborative or coalition
  • What is network mapping and how can it help your initiative?
  • Redefining the role of the backbone for networks/How backbones differ in networks
  • How leadership looks different in a network approach
  • The four roles of network leaders and how core leadership teams need to operate in a Community Network
  • How can we stimulate innovation and community engagement?
  • Self-Organized Workgroups – where the real action happens! How are workgroups different than typical committees in a local initiative or project
  • Using network weaving to grow your partnerships and identify new partners and collaborators

The 90 minute webinar provides participants with ample time to meet in virtual breakouts to discuss what they are learning and concludes with an open forum Q&A.

Post-Training Coaching

Most participants wish they had more time to explore the key concepts of networks and network weaving! TSG offers one-on-one or team-coaching sessions following the session. Interested persons or teams can sign up for a set number of hours (1 or more) of virtual or on-site coaching to learn more, clarify learning, or dig deeper into areas of network functioning.

On-Site Training

TSG staff and key partners will come to you and your team to deepen your knowledge of Getting (and Keeping) Community at the Table. We will tailor the day to meet your needs and can offer half-day, full-day or multiple day learning experiences for your team, company or community. This exciting and highly engaging training will open up the hidden network weavers in your group and give your team a clear set of next steps before the training is complete.

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