Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Leadership Coaching, and Strategy Design

Strategy Group consultants have decades of experience helping organizations sharpen their strategic focus, conduct program and project evaluations, develop and use theory of change, create systems for feedback and learning, implement learning circles and communities, conduct applied research studies, facilitate performance benchmarking and metric-setting convenings, and train staff to utilize tools to gain strategic advantage and better understand the impact of your investments and programs.

Our consultants have worked with many organizations to shape their business culture to be more data driven. We have written a reflections article on the nature of this work and what we have learned about creating a data driven culture in organizations


In the education sector Strategy Group consultants have conducted hundreds of program and project evaluations providing unbiased estimates of the effects of K-12 programs, instructional interventions and approaches, trainings, and other forms of learning. One such large-scale evaluation conducted by Dr. Moore and his colleagues at Youth Development Evaluation Alliance examined the Math-Science Partnership program at the New Mexico Department of Education. The evaluation utilized rigorous statistical procedures and complex analyses to determine the effects of professional development for teachers on student math performance.


In the health care sector our consultants are able to support workflow analyses, scope of practice reviews, cultural competency policy and practice reviews, set up and implement systems to gather patient and family feedback.


Our work in community settings focuses on creating systems for community groups, and entire communities, to surface long-term pressing problems, organize and create solutions. This requires creating a communication ecosystem to share, coordinate, and learn together, Community change strategies rely on timely and targeted feedback, in-process evaluation, opportunities to reflect on progress and challenges.