Irene Caudillo, President & CEO:El Centro

June 22, 2020 Re: Recommendation letter for The Strategy Group It is my honor to recommend the Strategy Group for consultant work related to organizational strategic planning and Theory of Change development. Bill and I have worked together over the last 15 years through educational, philanthropic and consulting opportunities. During each opportunity, he has kept a strong dedication to his trade, the organization he was working with and the broader community. I recommend an outstanding business consultant to you. The mission of El Centro, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, is "strengthening communities and improving lives of Latinos and others through educational, social and economic opportunities." While El Centro provides services to all individuals, we are uniquely prepared with special expertise to integrate and serve Hispanics and Latino immigrants. Eighty-percent of El Centre's staff is Latino or bilingual to maximize our cultural-competence to our target population. Our programs serve both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties in Kansas. The services we provide include: early childhood education, emergency services, financial literacy and home buyers education, health education and health navigation, and advocacy services. Bill recently completed a consulting contract here at El Centro. He assisted our organization, with the support of staff, board and community to create our Theory of Change. Bill educated staff about the process, facilitated the development and implementation so we could more effectively serve our clients and the community. Most notable was his responsiveness and receptiveness to our lack of knowledge to this concept. Bill championed data and education to promote us to move toward an external vision rather than an internal focus we have maintained. His work assisted us to develop a road map that valued customer service and a constant client feedback with a focus on our Theory of Change to sustain long-term impact. Whether it is conducting a needs analysis, research and information gathering, educating or guiding an organization, Bill is paramount in assisting to create and facilitate discussions with a broader group of people, and to move those conversations into action. I highly recommend The Strategy Group as a consultant to help you effect some changes that will have a positive impact on your organization. I believe William Moore is the person who can make a difference. Please feel free to contact me should you have questions or want to discuss Bill's qualifications further. I can be reached at (913)-677-0100 or via email at

Irene Caudillo, President & CEO

DeAnna Davidson, President:Tracen Technologies, Inc.

"Bill is passionate about the quality and integrity of the research he’s involved in and committed to making a real difference in the quality of education for youth. His leadership reflects his commitment to both relevance and excellence. He is a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to learn from."

Tracen Technologies, Inc.
DeAnna Davidson, President

David Norris, Senior Researcher:Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

"Bill oversaw a project in the Kansas City, KS area for which my organization was contracted to create a report on barriers to health care access in KCK. The report required the participation of several high-profile community stakeholders and some sensitive data negotiations. Bill did an amazing job, making introductions, mediating relationships and balancing stakeholder and community interests to ensure that I had all that I needed to complete my work. It was obvious in the community and project meetings I attended with Bill that he is highly respected and his opinions valued, which no doubt contributes to his effectiveness as an advocate and thought leader."

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
David Norris, Senior Researcher

Todd Lacher, President:Institute for Research and Reform in Education

"Bill is one of those rare executives who is able to enact a balance between visionary leadership and the practical skills it takes to be an effective manager. His commitment to his work is matched only by his commitment to supporting and strengthening the work of his colleagues. As a supervisor, Bill has an uncommon knack for providing the kind of mentorship needed to develop organizational talent and build the skills and capacity of those around him. Bill’s commitment, knowledge, vision, and skills as a leader are top-notch."

Institute for Research and Reform in Education
Todd Lacher, President